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  • Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes (3x),orange juice & coffee

    Fried egg with crispy cheese and bacon | Chocolate & whipped cream | Maple syrup | Served with orange juice & homeroasted coffee.


  • Let's go Bananas

    Dutch pancake with Belgian chocolate, caramelized banana & fresh whipped cream.
  • Pink is my favorite color

    Dutch pancake with pastry cream, tompouce pink glaze & fresh whipped cream
  • Say cheese and more

    Dutch pancake with crispy bacon, cheese &fried egg

Dutch pancakes

  • Sweet and not so sour

    Dutch pancake with Lemon & sugar
  • Like Apple Pie but different

    Dutch pancake with caramelized apple, raisins, cinnamon & fresh whipped cream
  • Cheese & Bacon are best friends

    Dutch pancake with bacon & cheese
  • Better than pizza

    Dutch pancake with cheese & onion


  • Smoking delicious

    Dutch pancake with smoked salmon, cream cheese & lemongrass
  • You're the apple to my goat cheese

    Dutch pancake with goat cheese, honey & apple
  • Let's go to South East Asia

    Dutch panccake with roasted chicken, lemongrass & hoisin sauce
  • Grilled Veggies

    Dutch pancake with grilled vegetables, pesto & bacon
  • When in Rome

    Dutch pancake with tomato, cheese, oregano & basil
  • Got Pastrami?

    Dutch pancake with Pastrami
Fluffy Amsterdam


  • All I need is Maple Syrup

    Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes with Maple syrup
  • Besides Chocolate you're my fave

    Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes with chocolate, crunch & fresh whipped cream
  • Very Berry Chocolate

    Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes with strawberry, chocolate & fresh whipped cream
  • Where Fluffy meets Applestrüdel

    Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes with Applestrüdel
  • Chocolate makes me bananas

    Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes with caramelized banana, chocolate & fresh whipped cream
  • Party on my plate

    Amsterdam Fluffy Pancakes with fresh fruit, pastry cream, pink tompouce glaze & fresh whipped cream


  • But first soup

    Homemade Tomato basil soup
  • Let's go Dutch

    Traditional Dutch pea soup with sausage, home-made bread and crispy bacon


  • Kids choice!

    Children’s pancake with lemonade & a little surprise


  • Madame Blanche

    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce & fresh whipped cream
  • The Dutch way

    Syrup waffle with vanilla ice cream, caramel crunch & fresh whipped cream
  • Let's split the Bananas

    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, banana, crunch & fresh whipped cream
  • In coffee we trust

    Vanilla ice cream with espresso & fresh whipped cream
  • Tropical Dutch

    Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit & fresh whipped cream



For events or groups bigger than 10 persons we have created special menus. Please send an email to